Our Vision

Based on the company’s experience in the field of transporting individuals and tourism, the Egyptian society and market is thirsty for more services that facilitate the course of life for better production. The more comfort and convenience the individual has the passion and enthusiasm for work and full capacity in Work instead of wasting it in the different means of transportation, and from here started Elite Egypt to be an assistant in providing you.

Happy Customers

Our Goals

1- To provide safety, comfort and welfare for its work.
2 – Work to expand the circle of work and create real employment opportunities and optimal utilization of human energy for a better future.
3 – Reduce traffic congestion in the Egyptian street and by relying on customers on our company and leave their car.
4 – Encouraging tourism in Egypt, where when the availability of safe and dignified transport means the tourist to the place to be accessed in a comfortable and safe manner, it spread a climate of enthusiasm and reassurance.
5 – community services and the role of the company to identify both the driver and the client the importance of working on the development of community services and how to raise awareness of the importance of these services to prevent the phenomenon of harassment this phenomenon, which has become ugly images, but frightening in our society by raising awareness of the leader of the meaning of harassment and what Its consequences and how it applies not only to working time, but also to its daily life and transactions. It is also our goal to raise awareness of non-discrimination in dealing and showing respect for all without distinction in sex or religion.

Why Elite ?

Because of the Safety
We ensure the safety of our customers and ensure the provision of safety through:
1. Conduct a comprehensive technical inspection on all vehicles serving you to ensure that they are in compliance with technical standards and safety
2- A specialized team of our company conducts tests for the drivers before accepting the company.

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